After doing nearly everything wrong when I started teaching, I dove into the research and started co-creating with students, collecting active learning tools and strategies along the way. Active learning is exactly what it sounds like–actively practicing and applying a new skill–and it’s the best way to make learning stick. Now, after years of teaching and interviewing hundreds of educators, I deliver talks and workshops for faculty and administrators so they are ready for today’s students and can help them take on a rapidly changing world. 

Every talk is interactive, tailored to your specific audience, and includes practical tips and tools that faculty and administrators can implement right away. Below are some suggested topics, not an exhaustive list.

  • The New College Classroom
    • We want students to be excited to learn, and we need to set them up for success. A handful of student-centered principles and tools can prepare them to be citizens of the world.
  • Transformative Assessments that Focus Students on the Joy of Learning
    • Instead of relying on external motivators (like grades) to spur students on, what we really need to do is help them connect with their internal motivators. Watch a short demo.
  • Group Work Without the Groans
    • Teamwork is essential to our careers and lives. Some project management strategies help us to structure accountability and infuse joy into student collaborations.
  • Active Learning with Confidence (and without the Burnout)
    • Active learning is the best way to learn but it can also take time and labor to set up. We need to share a little more of the responsibility for learning with our students.  
  • "Christina was an excellent partner during the entire process: she met with me multiple times, tailored her workshop to the needs of our audience, provided concrete suggestions, and was just an all-round enjoyable person to collaborate with, both before and during the workshop." - Caroline Egan, Program Manager, the Teaching Academy, the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, Johns Hopkins University
  • "Christina guided our graduate students and faculty through a truly transformative process of discernment and skill-building. We all emerged with a practical toolkit for realizing our newly enlivened sense of purpose as teachers and learners." - Kate Stanley, Associate Professor, Graduate Development and Placement Coordinator, Western University, Ontario
  • On behalf of the entire Teaching and Learning Innovation staff, I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional keynote speeches during our recent 2024 Innovative Teaching and Learning Conference. Your insightful discussion on fostering a sense of belonging in the classroom was truly enlightening. It captivated attendees and sparked a significant conversation that will continue well beyond your session. The practical strategies you shared will undoubtedly help many educators create more inclusive and supportive learning environments. Moreover, your perspective on "ungrading" and its potential to refocus students on the joy of learning will inspire educators to rethink their teaching assessments. Your expertise and enthusiasm have left a lasting impact on the attendees that will continue to resonate with them and the TLI staff as we apply what we have learned. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and experiences with us. - Josie L. Andrews, PhD, 2024 Innovative Teaching and Learning Conference Chair
  • "This was hugely helpful and I will be implementing at least 1-2 of these ungrading options. Thank you for giving some practical options to get started! Very much appreciated." - Workshop Participant in "The Transformative Power of Ungrading"
  • "Christina's workshop and resources will likely be revisited for semesters to come. [It] was a great way to help us all become more grounded in [our] practices, as well as to reexamine some taken-for-granted aspects of our syllabi." - Center for Teaching and Learning, Pratt Institute
Click to watch a brief demo video of Dr. Christina Katopodis speaking.

Upcoming Talks

“Active Learning that Revitalizes Faculty in The New College Classroom,” Keynote and Workshops at Butler University

August 21, 2024

The Future is Co-Created: Toward Inclusive, Collaborative Digital Learning,” Keynote at the Online Learning Consortium’s Accelerate 2024 Conference

November 20, 2024

“Active Learning Methods and Mindsets,” Keynote and Breakout Sessions at Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Summer Teaching Institute

May 19, 2025

Past Speaking Events & Podcasts

“Connecting Learners to Their Internal Motivators for Success,” Keynote at the 2024 Learning Ideas Conference in New York City

June 12-14, 2024

“The Future is Co-Created: Take Student Engagement to the Next Level ,” Keynote and Workshop at RIT Summer Institute

May 2024

“Active Learning is Messy: What to Do in the Last Two Weeks of the Semester,” Keynote at SUNY Geneseo

April 2024

Active Learning in The New College Classroom,” Robert and Marie Secor and Fisher Family John Moore Teaching Mentorship Lecture and Workshop

March 2024

How to Cultivate an Environment of Belonging in Our Classrooms” Keynote at the Teaching and Learning Innovation Conference, University of Tennessee

March 2024

“The New College Classroom,” Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Students at Western University, in Ontario

February 2024

Cultivating and Environment of Belonging in Our Classrooms” Keynote and Workshop

February 2024

“Active Learning for Any Day of the Term,” Training at American Chemical Society (ACS) Two-Year College Active Learning

February 2024

Recognizing, Reacting, and Reorganizing Education in The New College Classroom,” Keynote at the 11th Annual Conference on Community College Excellence

February 2024

The New College Classroom,” Plenary, Dual Delivery with Cathy N. Davidson

January 2024

Active Learning with Confidence (and without the Burnout),” Workshop

January 2024

Virtual Forum: Meaningful Classroom Engagement,” Webinar Panel with The Chronicle‘s Beckie Supiano

October 2023

Active Learning in the Classroom,” Keynote, Teaching Academy, Johns Hopkins University

October 2023

“Group Office Hours: Self-Care is Student Care” Fall Forum Talk at Pratt Institute

September 2023

“Group Work without the Groans” Keynote and Workshop at St. John Fisher College

August 2023

“The New College Classroom with Dr. Christina Katopodis” Interview with PJ Wehry

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice” with Transformative Learning in the Humanities at Pratt Institute

June 2023

“The New College Classroom” Keynote and Workshop, Misericordia University

May 2023

The Transformative Power of Ungrading to Focus Students on the Joy of Learning” at Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH

May 2023

“The Role of Higher Education in Democracy and Sustainability” at Uppsala University in Sweden, Keynote and Workshop

May 2023