The New College Classroom – Available from Harvard University Press this August

I’m so pleased to share that the book I coauthored with Cathy N. Davidson, The New College Classroom, will be available on August 30, 2022! We wrote this through the pandemic, meeting twice or more a week, and interviewed educators from around the world who inspired us and filled us with hope for the future of higher education.

Educators I deeply admire–Beverly Daniel Tatum, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Tony Wagner, Jody Greene, Susan D. Blum–have humbled me with their reviews of the book.

Here’s a peek into the book’s table of contents, promising to deliver practical tools and tips to transform your classroom based on the latest research in learning sciences and the progressive theories of bell hooks, Paulo Freire, and the like:

  • I. Changing Ourselves
    • 1. Why Change Now?
    • 2. Structuring Active Learning
    • 3. Teaching Is Mentoring
  • II. Changing Our Classrooms
    • 4. Before the First Class
    • 5. The First Class
    • 6. Activities for Any Day of the Term
    • 7. Democratic and Antiracist Pedagogy
    • 8. Group Work Without the Groans
    • 9. Research That Inspires Creativity
    • 10. Feedback That Really Works
    • 11. Grades—Ugh!
    • 12. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Conclusion: Changing the World

The book includes ways to co-create with students, ungrading methods that work in any discipline, and how to overcome the challenges of trying new things.

You can read more about the book on the Harvard University Press website.

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