Self-Evaluation: The Humanistic Skill We Need in a Just Society

My new article is out in Zeal‘s “Transformative Teaching” forum on ungrading, which features the scholarship on teaching and learning by leaders in the field like Jesse Stommel and several of CUNY’s inspiring faculty who are leaders in their fields.

In a February 2023 article for The New Yorker cryptically titled “The End of the English Major,” Nathan Heller draws from staggering enrollment data, statistics, and interviews to tell a bleak story about the systematic devaluation of the humanities in higher ed. He gestures toward a number of external factors, but he doesn’t talk as much about the classroom, where professors have the most control. What if, however, one of the problems isn’t the subject so much as the method? …

Click here to read the full article; or read the forum on ungrading.

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